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"Scott is an awesome guitar teacher and an all around nice guy.  He has been teaching my now 17 year old son since he was 9 and Billy still looks forward to going and learning new things and playing with Scott.  I love to hear Billy play the things he has learned and Scott has also taught him how to put together sounds so he can write his own songs.  It's really something!  I would recommend Scott to anyone who was interested in playing the guitar.  ABSOLUTELY!"  - Barb F.

"Our 11 year old son has been taking lessons from Scott for almost two years.  Scott is extremely patient with our son.  He is a knowledgeable guitar player, outstanding teacher and very pleasant to be with.  Our son enjoys his weekly lessons immensely."  - Michelle P.

“Scott is a great teacher; both teaching music theory and the practical “how to” of playing.  I have improved substantially and he is continuing to teach me tips on how I can stylize my playing.”  - Reed B.

"My 9 year old daughter has been taking lessons from Scott for over a year and she is enjoying them very much. Scott is able to provide age appropriate instructions that are fun and rewarding. She has learned the musical theory as well as 5 popular songs already. Scott always encourages her to be creative and have fun!"  - Alla O.

"Scott Is an awesome teacher. He will teach you what 99.99% of other guitar teachers will not teach you and that is music theory. To play this instrument you have to know where all the notes are, all the scales and all the chords. You will not learn this instrument without learning all three."  - Frank S.

“Scott is extremely knowledgeable and very patient, two qualities you want in a teacher! He’s a superb guitar player and will educate you on everything from theory and technique to practice and improvisation, and he’ll do it all in a very cool and friendly way. Definitely recommend Scott to anyone who wants to learn guitar from scratch or to take their current skills to the next level.” — Nick G.

"Scott is a great guitar teacher regardless of a student's playing level.  If you are a beginning student he will make your lessons fun and give you the confidence you need to start playing your favorite songs after your first lesson.  If you are a seasoned guitar player, he will be there to take you to the next level.  You will not be disappointed working with Scott." - Tony P.

Scott Lawson acoustic & electric guitar lessons Kirkland WA

"A few years ago, I took guitar lessons from Scott. He was a great teacher for many reasons. First, he is extremely passionate about guitars and music, and it comes through in each and every lesson. Second, he knows his music and is able to convey his knowledge in a manner that is understandable and makes the experience worthwhile. Third, he is very patient. Never once did he express any frustration with my slow learning and tin ear (really hard to learn music when you have a tin ear and no sense of beat). Overall, I strongly recommend Scott for anyone interested in learning music/guitar. It was a great experience for me and one I miss now that I no longer live in Washington."  - Steven C.

Service Category: Guitar Lessons Year first hired: 2012 Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

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